My hard disk won’t mount

Mac Format - - TO THE RESCUE -

Make sure the disk is cor­rectly con­nected, pow­ered up and switched on. Try dis­con­nect­ing and re­con­nect­ing it. If that doesn’t work, launch Disk Util­ity. If the disk is dis­played on the left panel of Disk Util­ity’s main win­dow, click Mount in the tool­bar along the top.

If it doesn’t mount, click First Aid and then click Re­pair to fix the disk. If Disk Util­ity can’t re­pair it, you’ll see a dia­log box telling you it was un­able to help. Use a tool like DiskWar­rior (al­ to try and re­pair it. If it’s not there, your Mac can’t see it. Try it on an­other com­puter. You may have to re­move the disk from the chas­sis and try it with an­other case.

Don’t let the red oc­tagon of doom strike the fear into you; a fix is avail­able.

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