My hard drive’s crashed!

Mac Format - - TO THE RESCUE -

Macs run­ning OS X Mav­er­icks that have Western Dig­i­tal ex­ter­nal hard drives con­nected and are run­ning WD util­i­ties are known to have ex­pe­ri­enced prob­lems where the drive is cor­rupted and data ap­par­ently wiped. Some Macs with­out the WD util­i­ties in­stalled have also had prob­lems, and in one case we know of, a non-WD hard drive on a Mac run­ning Mav­er­icks and WD util­i­ties was re-for­mat­ted and named ‘My Book’.

Which­ever OS you’re us­ing and what­ever hard drives you have con­nected, back them up reg­u­larly. An is­sue like that one comes out of the blue and can cause cat­a­strophic data loss.

If you only use ex­ter­nal disks oc­ca­sion­ally, dis­con­nect and power them off when you don’t need them.

Al­ready lost data to this or a sim­i­lar prob­lem? Don’t use the re-for­mat­ted drive. Use a data re­cov­ery tool like those de­scribed above to scan, cat­a­logue, and re­cover lost files. When it comes to re­cover files, you’ll have to open each one to iden­tify its con­tents and then re­name it ac­cord­ingly. Quick Look is use­ful for quickly pre­view­ing files, which can then be re-named in the Finder.

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