Oh noes! I’ve scratched my MacBook

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We know first-hand the pain of scratch­ing a new Mac. It’s not nice. And as with any dam­age, pre­ven­tion is eas­ier, cheaper, and less trau­matic than cure. Keep your MacBook in a pro­tec­tive sleeve when you’re not us­ing it. Don’t skimp on the sleeve for the sake of sav­ing a few pounds.

If you do scratch a MacBook Air or Pro there are a cou­ple of things you can do, but they won’t re­store your beloved lap­top to its pris­tine con­di­tion.

Some peo­ple rec­om­mend us­ing jewellers rouge, oth­ers sug­gest car pol­ish, and some even claim tooth­paste has worked for them. But scratches are grooves in the an­odized alu­minium, and the only way to re­move a groove is to fill it or to sand down the sur­round­ing metal – a dras­tic step.

A bet­ter way is to dis­guise the scratch, per­haps by us­ing stick­ers like the ones used in Ap­ple’s cur­rent ‘The note­book peo­ple love’ ad­vert (youtu.be/5DHYe4d­hjXw).

There’s noth­ing more de­mor­al­is­ing than dis­cov­er­ing a scratch!

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