My iPhone has a scratch on it

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Whether you can re­move a scratch from the screen of your iPhone de­pends on how deep the scratch is. If the scratch can be felt when you run a fin­ger over it, it’s prob­a­bly too deep to re­move. If it’s not deep, you may be able to pol­ish it out. But be aware that pol­ish­ing out a scratch will also re­move the oleo­pho­bic coat­ing that al­lows fingers to slide eas­ily over the glass. So if you de­cide to pol­ish the whole screen to get an even fin­ish, you’ll re­move the coat­ing from the en­tire dis­play.

To pol­ish out a scratch, use pre-mixed cerium ox­ide and a cou­ple of mi­crofi­bre cloths. Use mask­ing tape on the area you don’t want to pol­ish. Now ap­ply the cerium ox­ide with one of the cloths, rub­bing vig­or­ously in cir­cles un­til the com­pound has dried. Buff with the other cloth. Re­peat as nec­es­sary.

That’s the glass sorted, but if you’ve scratched the metal parts of the iPhone, there’s not much you can do, sadly.

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