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1 Set up

Ar­range your scene so the back­ground is a dis­tance away. This throws it out of fo­cus slightly so your sub­ject pops out. If snap­ping a per­son, they must keep still for the 30 seconds or so this takes. Seat your sub­ject, or have them lean against a tree.

2 Go man­ual

Fo­cus on the sub­ject and flick your lens to man­ual fo­cus to pre­vent it from ad­just­ing ex­po­sure as you move across the scene. An easy way to do this is to me­ter off your sub­ject’s face in aper­ture pri­or­ity mode as you fo­cus, and then trans­fer the set­tings across to man­ual.

3 Open fire!

Start in the bot­tom-left, mov­ing to the right with each shot, then ad­just up­wards and shoot left hor­i­zon­tally. Keep go­ing un­til you reach the top-right cor­ner of your com­po­si­tion. We used a lens set to 70mm and f/5.6, and re­peated the se­quence four times to get it right.

4 Check…

Have a flick through the pho­tos on your cam­era’s screen to check for any holes in your cov­er­age. This is your chance to re-shoot. It’s im­por­tant you take the00000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000

5 Im­port

This is where shoot­ing smaller files is an ad­van­tage. Open the images in Pho­to­shop El­e­ments. We did this on a MacBook Air with a dual-core i7 pro­ces­sor – own­ers of Macs with larger, faster chips will see it go faster, but be pre­pared for a bit of a wait.

6 Merge

Open Pho­to­shop El­e­ments (we’re us­ing ver­sion 12, but Pho­tomerge is avail­able back to ver­sion 8). Go to the En­hance menu, and se­lect Pho­tomerge > Pho­tomerge Panorama. Check Auto un­der Lay­out, click Add Open Files un­der Source Files, and Blend Images To­gether. Hit OK.

7 Crop and ad­just

Check the im­age for pro­cess­ing arte­facts (of­ten they can be cleared with the Clone tool) then flat­ten and crop to your pre­ferred as­pect ra­tio. Bright ar­eas have be­come over­ex­posed, so bring th­ese down with Lev­els or Shad­ows/ High­lights from the En­hance menu.

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