The end re­sult

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We fin­ished off our sail­ing club de­sign by putting it in a cir­cle with a bold edge colour. We chose a 3mm stroke ef­fect and used a pale fill colour so the back­ground didn’t ob­scure the other ob­jects (we could also have cre­ated a sep­a­rate back­ground layer). The cir­cu­lar ad­di­tion helped to make our logo feel com­plete and self-con­tained. It now looks like a badge, and would look good on a t-shirt or on sta­tionery. We kept the shapes and colours sim­ple, which means they’ll also be easy and cheap to print. The only ef­fect we ap­plied was the gra­di­ent on the sails (us­ing the Gra­di­ent tool from the ver­ti­cal menu – dou­ble-click an ob­ject to add a gra­di­ent). Save your logo to tweak in Inkscape, or ex­port it as for­mats such as PNG or JPEG, to use on­line or print.

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