The junk that can’t be thrown away

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Q I am us­ing Mail to send and re­ceive emails from my ac­count. Af­ter I have fin­ished any email trans­ac­tions and deleted any un­wanted email traf­fic, I check the Junk Mail folder, which ap­pears to be full. I high­light all th­ese files and click delete, but af­ter some time they re­turn. This also hap­pens if I right click the Trash folder and click the ‘Erase deleted items’ op­tion. Barry Var­gas

A Are you us­ing Gmail as well as iCloud ( Gmail is no­to­ri­ous for its de­lib­er­ately non-stan­dard at­ti­tude to the IMAP email pro­to­col. This hap­pens be­cause mail ‘fold­ers’ are re­ally just la­bels that are at­tached to each mes­sage – like al­bums for pho­tos.

When you delete a mes­sage, the email is sup­posed to be re­moved from the server as well but some­times all that hap­pens is that the folder la­bel is re­moved and the mes­sage ends up back in the All Mail folder. The next time you check your mail, the spam fil­ters get trig­gered again and the mes­sages are moved back into Junk. This shouldn’t hap­pen with iCloud emails, though. Try delet­ing the mes­sages through the web in­ter­face at

Gmail should delete junk mail af­ter 30 days au­to­mat­i­cally. You can change this in your ac­count pref­er­ences if you’d rather not wait.

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