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You don’t need to be con­stantly wor­ry­ing about your bat­tery or reach­ing for your charger. Get the most from each charge and the most charges from each bat­tery with th­ese tips for Mac­Books and iOS de­vices. Up­grade to Mav­er­icks if you haven’t al­ready. Fea­tures like Timer Co­a­lesc­ing, App Nap and Sa­fari Power Saver all re­duce the power de­mands of the op­er­at­ing sys­tem. If you’re play­ing games on your iPad or iPhone, turn on Air­plane mode. Not only will you avoid the power drain from the Wi-Fi and cellular an­ten­nas, but in many cases you also avoid the in-game ads. Don’t leave your lap­top fully charged if you don’t use it much. Full charge slowly de­grades the bat­tery and af­ter a year it will have lost 20% of its orig­i­nal ca­pac­ity. High temperatures are even worse. At 40º, the bat­tery de­grades two to four times faster than at 25º. Lithium bat­ter­ies are rated for 500 charge-dis­charge cy­cles be­fore they lose half of their orig­i­nal ca­pac­ity. But this is for a full dis­charge from 100% to zero. If you top up the bat­tery be­fore it is fully dis­charged it lasts much longer. Charg­ing your iPad from 75% gives you 2,500 charge cy­cles, which is once a day for seven years.

Air­plane mode saves bat­tery by switch­ing off Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth.

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