Did Mav­er­icks break Mail?

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Q Since in­stalling the most re­cent OS X up­date, Mail seems to crash when open­ing cer­tain mes­sages. And even when it doesn’t crash, it doesn’t seem to want to quit prop­erly. Sure, I can Force Quit, but that doesn’t seem like a good long-term so­lu­tion. Is this a known prob­lem with the Mav­er­icks up­date and is Ap­ple work­ing on it? Jac­ques Lan­dra­gin

A It doesn’t seem to be. Or if it is, the con­di­tions required to trig­ger it must be fairly spe­cific. I think it’s more likely that your Mail in­dexes or the sand­box fold­ers have got cor­rupted. Make sure your Time Ma­chine backup is up to date (just in case) and then in Finder, click Go > Go to folder… and en­ter ~/Li­brary/ Mail/V2/MailData. Trash any fold­ers there that be­gin with ‘En­ve­lope In­dex’ or ‘Ex­ter­nalUp­dates.store­data’. Restart Mail to re­build th­ese files. If that doesn’t help, try mov­ing ~/Li­brary/Con­tain­ers/com.ap­ple. mail to the Desk­top tem­po­rar­ily and then ~/Li­brary/Con­tain­ers/com.ap­ple. MailSer­viceA­gent. Restart Mail af­ter mov­ing each one.

If the first one doesn’t fix things, move it back from the Desk­top to ~/Li­brary/ Con­tain­ers and over­write the new copy of the folder that has been cre­ated. If the crash­ing prob­lem goes away, you’ll find you’ve lost some of your set­tings, but you can recre­ate th­ese and then sim­ply delete the cor­rupted fold­ers you moved to the Desk­top.

Trash­ing th­ese files forces Mail to recre­ate the in­dexes for your emails.

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