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With ref­er­ence to your re­ply to Ben­jamin For­est in MF276 (see photo), would this work? Note that I have cun­ningly not con­nected the Light­ning ca­ble to my iPad Air. As a pen­sioner I will leave that to the ex­perts at MacFor­mat, since your pock­ets are a lot deeper than mine should some­thing go bang! Mike Wil­son Ben­jamin orig­i­nally wanted to know whether Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth was bet­ter for teth­er­ing an iPad to an iPhone. We face­tiously re­marked that a USB tether would be the fastest op­tion, but it isn’t pos­si­ble be­cause there is no such thing as a dou­ble-ended Light­ning ca­ble.

Your ca­ble lash-up solves that part of the prob­lem but un­for­tu­nately it still won’t let you tether an iPad to an iPhone. iOS only al­lows a de­vice to pro­vide a teth­ered con­nec­tion by cre­at­ing a mo­bile wire­less hotspot, ei­ther over Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth. Con­nect­ing them to­gether as pic­tured won’t dam­age them, but it won’t let you tether ei­ther.

What you have in ef­fect cre­ated is a cam­era con­nec­tion kit that makes the pho­tos on one de­vice ac­ces­si­ble by the other. If you have a lot of pho­tos to trans­fer this might be use­ful but oth­er­wise, Air­drop is prob­a­bly eas­ier.

No amount of adap­tors and con­nec­tors will let you tether an iPad us­ing a USB ca­ble. Sorry Mike!

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