test two What do you get as well as the panel?

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The model from ASUS is pretty bare bones, which is a kick in the teeth con­sid­er­ing it’s the sec­ond most ex­pen­sive dis­play here. You get some fairly weak speak­ers, but no USB hub, a handy fea­ture we think you should ex­pect th­ese days. What’s more, while two HDMI and one Dis­playPort in­puts would prob­a­bly suf­fice for most folks, other dis­plays here boast more, as well as more flex­i­ble, in­put op­tions. The only model with fewer is the Dell, but it makes up for it with a mem­ory card slot in the side and plenty of USB ports, plus it’s the only one here with a higher-qual­ity IPS panel.

The Dell is the odd one out size­wise, though, and it doesn’t have any speak­ers. How­ever, Len­ovo scores highly. Like the AOC and Philips mod­els, its speak­ers are okay, and it has one high-power USB port for charg­ing, say, an iPad. What’s more, it acts like a KVM, al­low­ing you to con­nect a mouse and key­board to it, plus two com­put­ers, and then tog­gle between which com­puter you con­trol.

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