Revo­lu­tion 60

Ev­ery de­ci­sion counts

Mac Format - - RATED -

£3.99 (with IAP) De­vel­oper Gi­ant Spacekat

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.1 Age 12+

Es­sen­tially in­ter­ac­tive sci-fi, Revo­lu­tion 60 has you fol­low the story of a black-ops team out to stop a nu­clear war – only it soon be­comes ob­vi­ous not ev­ery­thing’s as it seems. The en­gag­ing sto­ry­line is pep­pered with ‘quick­time’ events where you drag over a shape to bet­ter your chances of suc­cess, branch­ing op­tions dur­ing con­ver­sa­tions, and one-on-one com­bat. De­ci­sions af­fect your prospects and al­liances as the story un­folds, while the grid­based real-time com­bat feels a bit like an odd yet in­trigu­ing cross between chess, pat­tern- match­ing and danc­ing. De­spite some rough edges, Revo­lu­tion 60 grips through­out its sev­eral hours with a com­bi­na­tion of feisty leads, stylish sci-fi, and fit­for-pur­pose touch­screen gam­ing. Al­though there are re­port­edly 24 end­ings, it’s un­likely you’ll play through more than once on each of the three difficulties, but that’s more than enough to jus­tify the out­lay. Craig Gran­nell

En­ter­tain­ing and smart. Does some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent to keep you hooked un­til its con­clu­sion.

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