Matt’s still try­ing to be­friend the Franken­stein’s mon­ster of ar­cade puz­zlers

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Hope­fully, if you’ve been fol­low­ing our iOS re­views, you’ve played Threes, the su­perb puzzle game we re­viewed back in MF271. Puz­zle­juice was the pre­vi­ous game by Sirvo, Threes’ de­vel­oper, and we still love to dive back in, when we want to mix fun with frus­tra­tion.

It blends to­gether el­e­ments of colour-match­ing games, Tetris and Book­worm into a co­her­ent whole. Blocks fall into a well, and you need to try to com­plete a line. But those blocks also have coloured squares on them, and match­ing patches of the same colour also helps you clear blocks. How­ever, get­ting a line or com­plet­ing a large area of colour doesn’t re­move the blocks‚ it turns them into letters. Spell a word us­ing those letters and you can re­move the blocks. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to jug­gle ev­ery­thing. There are power-ups, too, just to add to the in­san­ity.

It’s very much a game for those look­ing for a chal­lenge, and is a great up­grade if you’ve be­come good at play­ing Tetris or Spel­lTower. Its abil­ity to make you feel like a novice at familiar con­cepts makes for a beau­ti­fully fresh chal­lenge, even though most of it is recog­nis­able.

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