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What is it? 12-hour bat­tery life on your Mac­Book Air not good enough? CHUGPLUG’s got you cov­ered! This bat­tery pack for MacBooks can give you up to an ex­tra four hours of bat­tery life (de­pend­ing on the model). It’s a pack that fits onto the Mac­Book’s power adapter, be­tween it and the plug that goes into the wall. There are dif­fer­ent ver­sions for 45W and 65W power adapters. When’s it due? Get chug­ging now. By which we mean it’s avail­able to buy. Why are we ex­cited? In some ways, this is a lit­tle less slick than the Hyper­Mac Mac­Book bat­ter­ies that were your best op­tion pre­vi­ously – it’s a big chunky stick to at­tach to your power adapter. How­ever, it’s also much sim­pler, doesn’t in­volve chang­ing any parts crit­i­cal to run­ning your lap­top, and is mas­sively cheaper. For a bit of emer­gency bat­tery power, this seems like the best op­tion right now.

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