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I’m dis­ap­pointed that MacFor­mat 276 nor 277 con­sid­ered Ap­ple’s an­nounce­ment that Aper­ture is com­ing to an end and won’t be up­dated, and that Aper­ture and iPhoto will be re­placed by ‘Pho­tos’ in Yosemite.

For am­a­teur pho­tog­ra­phers, Aper­ture has been the ideal app: it has far bet­ter photo edit­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties than iPhoto; it has good photo man­age­ment ca­pa­bil­i­ties; it was rel­a­tively cheap; and, best of all, it was an Ap­ple prod­uct that worked seam­lessly with all of the other bits of OS X. I run Aper­ture 3 on Mav­er­icks and like them both and had been look­ing for­ward to Aper­ture 4.

I dis­like the Adobe business model where you’re obliged to rent soft­ware, and although Ap­ple has yet to fully de­clare its hand on Pho­tos, I also dis­like the idea of stor­ing my photographs and data in the Cloud (re­cent se­cu­rity breaches, any­one?). With over 19GB of pho­tos, I don’t want to pay any­one to store my photographs in a leaky cloud sys­tem when I can do that more se­curely on my Mac­Book Pro, backed up by two Time Ma­chines and an off­site por­ta­ble HDD.

So why has MacFor­mat been silent on the im­mi­nent demise of Aper­ture and iPhoto? Why haven’t you given us some inkling of what Pho­tos will be like?

I guess at least there’s a dis­cus­sion thread on light­roomkiller­tips.com on how sim­ple it is to mi­grate to another app from Aper­ture. The best cur­rent ad­vice for Aper­ture users seems to be to sit tight and see what func­tion­al­ity Ap­ple puts in Pho­tos be­fore mak­ing a decision. I would liked to have heard that from MacFor­mat, though… George Wil­ton Christo­pher Phin says: There’s a lot go­ing on here, but the key thing is that we haven’t talked much about Pho­tos be­cause we don’t re­ally know enough yet. It’s not due to ar­rive un­til early 2015, and Ap­ple has only showed it off very briefly. Our im­pres­sion is that it sits some­where be­tween iPhoto and Aper­ture, which will likely leave some peo­ple with­out pow­er­ful tools in Aper­ture they rely on. You might have no­ticed, how­ever, that there’s a guide to Adobe Light­room in this is­sue (page 42) for Aper­ture (or new) users who are con­sid­er­ing mov­ing to it (and you can buy Light­room out­right – you don’t need to “rent” it).

How­ever, as far as we know, George, Pho­tos won’t only store your images in the cloud – that would be mad­ness for per­for­mance when we could be talk­ing about huge raw images, and would stop you edit­ing off­line! We’re sure you’ll still be able to back up to as many places as you like.

And there’s one other thing to re­mem­ber: Aper­ture still works, at least for a while!

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