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Thank you for the ex­cel­lent ar­ti­cle on al­ter­na­tives to Ap­ple Mail. As some­one who’s al­ways keen to make im­prove­ments to the way I work, I’d hoped that this anal­y­sis would help en­hance my email ex­pe­ri­ence over and above that of Ap­ple Mail.

Re­gret­tably, you seem to have missed off a sig­nif­i­cant fac­tor, which is that there’s no men­tion if any of th­ese email clients work across all Ap­ple de­vices. The abil­ity to use a sin­gle email client, such as Ap­ple Mail that syn­chro­nises au­to­mat­i­cally across iMac, iPad, and iPhone is ab­so­lutely crit­i­cal. An email sys­tem that only works with just my Mac is of lit­tle use th­ese days. Could you ad­vise if any of those email clients men­tioned work across all Ap­ple plat­forms? Paul Cy­na­mon Christo­pher Phin says: With email, the sync­ing across dif­fer­ent de­vices isn’t gen­er­ally done by the client, but by your ac­tual email ser­vice. Most providers th­ese days use a pro­to­col called IMAP, which is what keeps your read items, flags, fold­ers and so on in sync, de­pend­ing on the level of support in the app. The clients just dis­play the data they re­ceive from the email servers. This means you can use any com­bi­na­tion of Mac client, iPad client and iPhone client – you don’t have to use one from the same company across plat­forms to keep them in sync. This in­cludes Ap­ple’s Mail clients on Mac and iOS – they don’t work to­gether be­cause they’re both Ap­ple. They work to­gether be­cause your email provider tells them to. Our group test was just of Mac email clients, but we’ll con­sider look­ing at iOS ones in the fu­ture.

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