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Per­haps as long as seven or eight years ago I got on­line with BT and cre­ated an email ad­dress. This is now a large prob­lem for me; I even­tu­ally moved to Ap­ple Mail and set up mail for­ward­ing from the BT ad­dress. Last year I re­ceived sev­eral no­tices from BT say­ing that they in­tended to close dor­mant ac­counts and to lo­gin to avoid dis­con­nec­tion. I did not lo­gin and have not logged in for years. I desperately wanted BT to close the ac­count since it had be­come a nui­sance (the for­warded emails were mainly spam). The ac­count must still be live be­cause if I send an email to it, a short time later I re­ceive it in Ap­ple Mail as for­warded email from BT.

I’ve con­tacted BT twice in re­cent weeks to re­quest the ad­dress be shut down. The BT helpline staff say they can­not find any record of the ac­count. I have not paid BT for it in years. I am still a BT cus­tomer, but with a dif­fer­ent ac­count. I can’t lo­gin to web­mail or MyBT or any­thing else as­so­ci­ated with the old ad­dress. How can I get BT to close it down? Alan Wil­liams You prob­a­bly can’t. I imag­ine what orig­i­nally hap­pened was that the ad­dress was deleted from the cus­tomer records data­base, but some­how wasn’t purged from the mail server it­self. Or it could just be an er­ror in the data­base query that was used to deleted the in­ac­tive ac­counts. But what­ever the rea­son, a ghost ac­count was cre­ated. One of the sysad­mins at BT could prob­a­bly delete it, but you will drive your­self crazy play­ing helpline hop­scotch be­fore you get your re­quest for­warded to the right per­son.

But there’s no need. All you care about is stop­ping the junk emails from get­ting to you. Log into your ac­count at bt.com, click the Set­tings tab and se­lect the Blocked senders folder. Click Add and put your old email ad­dress in. The email mes­sages still get for­warded, but they’ll never leave BT’s own servers and you won’t see them.

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