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I’ve bought an iMac that’s a few months old. How can I re­set it to its orig­i­nal state (delet­ing ba­sic data in­clud­ing pho­tos and mu­sic, emails and so on)? Stan Shilton You can’t just delete the pre­vi­ous user’s data and set­tings. This copy of OS X is tied to their Ap­ple ID and you won’t be able to in­stall up­dates with­out their pass­word. In­stead, you need to erase the disk and start again. Restart the iMac with å+ç+R held down to launch In­ter­net Re­cov­ery. From the menu, open Disk Util­ity and se­lect the icon for your hard disk (not the vol­ume icon un­der­neath it). Click the Par­ti­tion tab and re­for­mat the disk with de­fault op­tions – the Par­ti­tion Map Scheme should be ‘GUID Par­ti­tion ta­ble’, the Par­ti­tion Lay­out ‘1 Par­ti­tion’ and the For­mat ‘Mac OS Ex­tended (Jour­naled)’. Click Ap­ply; all the data on that disk are per­ma­nently erased. After that, run the OS X In­staller from In­ter­net Re­cov­ery menu. This needs an in­ter­net con­nec­tion be­cause it downloads OS X from the App Store. When done, the iMac will restart and run the Setup As­sis­tant. This will help you set up your email ac­count and copy set­tings and doc­u­ments across from another Mac or Win­dows PC if you have one.

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