I only get sound from the dock

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My iPhone 3GS has stopped pro­duc­ing sound, both from the speaker and through head­phones. If I plug it into my speaker dock then I get sound as nor­mal, so I know it’s ac­tu­ally play­ing. I’ve tried a fac­tory re­set and that has made no dif­fer­ence. Mike How­erd This is a hard­ware prob­lem. When you con­nect your iPhone to the dock, pin 11 on the 30-pin con­nec­tor is grounded. This tells the iPhone to route all audio through pins 3 and 4 on the 30-pin con­nec­tor. Lint or muck can elec­tri­cally short out pin 11 or phys­i­cally bend it into con­tact with the case. Try clean­ing it care­fully with a cot­ton bud.

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