MiniDis­playPort to HDMI Ac­tive Adapter –4K

Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - £18 Man­u­fac­turer, |

1 If your Mac doesn’t have an HDMI port, you’ll need an Mini Dis­playPort adapter to plug it into a 4K tele­vi­sion. En­sure you pick one that sup­ports dis­plays up to 4K, not just 1080p. Like most, this one leaves you to add a HDMI cable. Its HDMI port lim­its out­put to 30Hz, but that’s good enough to use your TV to pre­view, say, 4K projects from Fi­nal Cut Pro X. Shop around be­cause the sug­gested price is higher than an al­ter­na­tive sold by Ap­ple, but we've seen this one on­line for £18. Alan Stone­bridge

A good and in­ex­pen­sive way – if you shop around for the best price – to con­nect a Mac to a 4K tele­vi­sion.

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