Type, write or draw in this at­trac­tive, syn­ca­ble note­book for OS X and iOS

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - £6.99 De­vel­oper Ginger Labs, gin­ger­ OS OS X 10.9 or later Re­quires 64-bit pro­ces­sor, iCloud (if you want to syn­chro­nise notes) In­ex­pen­sive Audio record­ing built in Smart draw­ing tools No free Ever­note-ri­val op­tion

Note-tak­ing is best done at speed. If you have to switch apps to cap­ture text, hand­writ­ing, il­lus­tra­tions and voice record­ings, you’re cer­tain to miss some­thing, so han­dling each in a sin­gle app is No­ta­bil­ity’s master stroke.

The in­di­vid­ual tools are smart too: the ink pen lays down vari­able widths for greater re­al­ism, and each stroke is recorded sep­a­rately. So, if a set of scrib­blings over-runs another you can delete the top or bot­tom scrawl by strik­ing through it with the eraser, leav­ing all else un­touched.

Audio record­ings play back at sin­gle, 1.5x or dou­ble-speed, or 70% of their orig­i­nal rate, and a sin­gle doc­u­ment can con­tain mul­ti­ple tracks, which you switch be­tween us­ing a drop-down menu. Any notes you made while record­ing the track will ap­pear in time with the audio.

Text for­mat­ting op­tions are ba­sic, cov­er­ing bold, italic and un­der­line and a range of font sizes, but only 46 type­faces. How­ever, by lock­ing out most of your pre-in­stalled fonts this way, No­ta­bil­ity should sync more smoothly and uni­formly be­tween its OS X and iOS edi­tions.

Sync­ing takes place over iCloud, and you can back up your work to Drop­box or Google Drive. Inside the app, notes are or­gan­ised into sub­jects, and re­lated sub­jects can be cor­ralled in di­viders for keep­ing things filed. You can search notes, but there’s no op­tion to at­tach key­words to them. Nik Rawl­in­son

Its ‘catch-all’ ap­proach makes No­ta­bil­ity an ef­fec­tive and gen­uinely plea­sur­able app to use.

Three apps in one? No­ta­bil­ity takes text, draw­ings and audio in its stride.

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