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When us­ing higher end edit­ing tools, you tend to be deal­ing with a lot more clips and tools at once, and be­ing able to fo­cus is es­sen­tial. Fi­nal Cut Pro X is fairly typ­i­cally Ap­ple in that it ex­pects you to work the way it thinks you should, and while that's per­fectly us­able, it's not very flex­i­ble, as well as be­ing based on an iMovie/iPhoto style Events sys­tem for your clips that you may not want on hand all the time. Light­works takes the op­po­site ap­proach, fo­cus­ing on mul­ti­ple ‘rooms’ that you can set up by drag­ging the float­ing win­dows around at will. Premiere Pro CC and Avid land in the mid­dle, with ded­i­cated Workspaces for tasks like Edit­ing that shuf­fle ev­ery­thing around as nec­es­sary, while Premiere El­e­ments fo­cuses more on spe­cific tasks with a one-click way of re­set­ting. All of them are very us­able, with at least some support for dual-mon­i­tor sys­tems. Jahshaka is not pleas­ant to use, with a very clunky app that breaks its abil­i­ties into mul­ti­ple rooms, but with none of the sleek­ness.

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