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Add pic­tures, work with In­stant Al­pha, and ad­just bor­ders and shad­ows

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Word pro­ces­sors, hey? They’re no longer in­ter­ested in just words. With each re­lease they add support for craft­ing ever-more com­plex page lay­outs, bring­ing them closer to the kind of out­put that was once only on of­fer with ex­pen­sive desk­top pub­lish­ing soft­ware. Ap­ple’s Pages has long been im­pres­sive when it comes to adding and ma­nip­u­lat­ing images, twinning pow­er­ful fea­tures with an in­tu­itive and us­able in­ter­face.

Although the in­ter­face pro­vided is sim­ple, there are plenty of pic­ture op­tions. Mul­ti­ple images can be placed on any page and set to stay in place or move as you add more text. Your pic­tures can be re­sized, ro­tated and flipped within Pages, and the man­ner in which text flows around them can be ad­justed.

Pages also in­cludes a num­ber of im­age styles that can be ap­plied to your images. Th­ese range from ba­sic bor­ders to com­plex com­bi­na­tions of ef­fects that re­sem­ble a curled pho­to­graph pinned to your doc­u­ment. When a style has been ap­plied, the set­tings that com­bine

Pages has long been im­pres­sive when it comes to adding and ma­nip­u­lat­ing images

to make it can each be fine-tuned and then saved as a cus­tom style.

You can also de­fine a shape-based mask for any im­age you add, or cre­ate an ‘in­stant al­pha’ to cut out parts of an im­age in seconds, and op­tion­ally flow text into the space. Craig Gran­nell

Pages is ca­pa­ble of en­abling you to cre­ate com­plex lay­outs with images that boast beau­ti­ful bor­ders.

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