Why does my Mac­Book over­heat?

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My 2007 Mac­Book Pro seems to abruptly over­heat, even when I’m not do­ing any­thing in­ten­sive. I can be watch­ing a video for a cou­ple of hours with the fans whirring silently and then, after I quit, the fans will spring into life and blast away at full speed, stay­ing at this level un­til I shut down. Other times, my Mac­Book runs the fans at full speed even from startup… help! Brian Hal­l­i­day If the air com­ing out of the vent feels cool, this might be a prob­lem with the fan reg­u­la­tor rather than over­heat­ing. If your Mac isn’t run­ning hot dur­ing video play­back then it isn’t likely to sud­denly heat up just be­cause you’ve closed the video. OS X doesn’t run the fan slower than it needs to. It is, how­ever, common for fans to get stuck at max­i­mum speed; it’s nearly al­ways fixed by re­set­ting the Sys­tem Man­age­ment Con­troller (SMC). On the 2007 Mac­Book Pro, which has a re­mov­able bat­tery, the pro­ce­dure is to shut down the Mac, dis­con­nect the MagSafe con­nec­tor, take out the bat­tery and hold the power but­ton down for five seconds. Then put the bat­tery and MagSafe con­nec­tor back in and restart.

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