Is my flash­light bugged?

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My iPhone 5 has re­cently started grey­ing out the flash­light but­ton on Con­trol Cen­tre, and my rear-fac­ing cam­era isn’t work­ing ei­ther. Google searches seem to sug­gest this is a common bug. I’ve tried restor­ing the iPhone from iTunes and also a full firmware re­store, but it hasn’t helped. Is this some­thing that iOS 8 is likely to fix? Adrian Poole I don’t think that this is a soft­ware bug. If it were an iOS bug then it wouldn’t have started hap­pen­ing only re­cently ( my Google trawl doesn’t in­di­cate that this is a known iOS bug). If it were a cor­rupted pref­er­ence or ker­nel, then restor­ing ought to have re­solved it. I’m of the opin­ion that this is a hard­ware fault. Pos­si­bly caused by mois­ture that has cor­roded some con­tacts? Pos­si­bly caused by a knock that has cre­ated a loose con­nec­tion? If your phone is un­der war­ranty, take it to an Ap­ple Store. If it isn’t, take it to an Ap­ple Store any­way and see what they quote for a re­pair, but I strongly sus­pect that it will be a case of might-aswell-just-get-another-phone. Re­gard­less, don’t hold out for iOS 8 to res­cue here.

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