Thun­der­bolt Op­ti­cal Cable

Mac Format - - RATED - £250 Man­u­fac­turer Corn­ing, corn­

2 Most Thun­der­bolt ca­bles use cop­per wiring, but op­ti­cal is also an op­tion. The rea­son to use it in­stead is dis­tance – ver­sions of this cable range from 5.5m to 60m – but they’re ex­pen­sive. You’ll need an inar­guable rea­son to jus­tify the cost, such as a su­per-fast con­nec­tion for dis­trib­uted video en­cod­ing, or to move loud equip­ment away dur­ing audio work. This cable has the speed you’d ex­pect, but be warned that op­ti­cal ca­bles don’t carry power (just data), so make sure ev­ery­thing you con­nect has its own sup­ply! Alan Stone­bridge

Cer­tainly ex­pen­sive, but a jus­ti­fi­able cost when – and only when – there’s a clear pro­fes­sional need at hand.

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