Lo­go­ist 2

Can this bud­get vec­tor draw­ing app be a gen­uine al­ter­na­tive to Il­lus­tra­tor?

Mac Format - - RATED - £21 De­vel­oper Synium Soft­ware, syni­um­soft­ware.com/lo­go­ist OS OS X 10.9 or later Re­quires 64-bit pro­ces­sor Slick grouped lay­ers Edit and style live text No layer trans­parency… yet Can’t ex­port as vec­tor files

This vec­tor il­lus­tra­tion tool isn’t as prim­i­tive as its ear­lier ver­sions, but it is sim­ple, favour­ing a ba­sic three-pane lay­out with lay­ers on the left, tool op­tions on the right and art­work in the mid­dle. Yes, it’s a screen with­out clut­ter, but it also lim­its the screen space you have for your art­work, which is far from ideal.

Cre­at­ing images is straight­for­ward, with easy-to-use tools that will be fa­mil­iar to Adobe Il­lus­tra­tor users, but aren’t too baf­fling for be­gin­ners.

The text tool – text re­mains live as you ap­ply drop shad­ows and gra­di­ents – is a great touch; you can even move the po­si­tion of in­di­vid­ual let­ters’ forms. An X-Ray mode helps you align shapes when filled with colours and ef­fects, and there are a mul­ti­tude of ed­itable pre­sets and pre­de­fined styles to play with.

A free­hand path tool makes it easy to cre­ate your own shapes as you draw ed­itable an­chor points – sim­i­lar to Adobe’s bezier curves. It lacks the fi­nesse and rich­ness of fea­tures that high-end apps pos­sess (frus­trat­ing for more ad­vanced users).

Lo­go­ist’s lay­ers are its stand-out fea­ture; it groups shapes to­gether to cre­ate com­pos­ites rather than one solid ob­ject. This means you can edit and style them as one ob­ject or in­di­vid­ual el­e­ments, as well as chang­ing the way they in­ter­act.

Lo­go­ist isn’t an Il­lus­tra­tor al­ter­na­tive, but it has enough use­ful, ver­sa­tile tools to make this a solid ad­di­tion to any as­pir­ing logo de­signer’s tool­kit, es­pe­cially at its bar­gain price. Alex Thomas

Lo­go­ist 2 is a ver­sa­tile, cheap and en­joy­able way to cre­ate text based lo­gos and vec­tor art­work.

With all of Lo­go­ist’s in­ter­face on show, it doesn’t leave much room for your art­work!

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