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Mac Format - - RATED - Free De­vel­oper Zero White De­signs, hrma­ OS OS X 10.7 or later Re­quires In­tel Mac De­cem­ber 2014

Time-track­ing apps need to do the fol­low­ing well: track time (ob­vi­ously); group tasks into projects; be ef­fi­cient in de­mand­ing your time; and en­able you to get your data out to later deal with in­voic­ing.

For the most part, this app fares well. It sits in the menu bar, and it’s sim­ple to add projects with tasks to the app’s main win­dow. Sort or­ders can be changed, lev­els of pri­or­i­ties can be set, and the timer can be dis­played in the menu bar.

But some use­ful func­tions are hid­den. Only through hrma­ do you re­alise key­board short­cuts ex­ist (although, the de­vel­oper rec­om­mends an Au­toma­tor ser­vice for a short­cut to bring the app to the front), and touches such as drag­ging a task to ac­cess pri­or­ity but­tons are found almost by ac­ci­dent. Ex­port is clunky, even if the CSV you get is nicely struc­tured.

For free, we shouldn’t moan, but this app is only good when it should be great. Craig Gran­nell

There are some nice ideas in this time tracker, but it needs a bit more pol­ish to be a great prod­uct.

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