Disk App

Find and trash mas­sive files

Mac Format - - RATED - £2.99 De­vel­oper It’s About Time Prod­ucts, hel­loiat.com OS OS X 10.9 or later Re­quires 64-bit pro­ces­sor

Disk App aims to make clean­ing up your hard drive and free­ing up space fast and sim­ple. The start screen shows your drive’s cur­rent sta­tus in terms of free and used space; click a but­ton and you get a chart show­ing pos­si­ble items to trash, in­clud­ing browser data, Mail downloads, caches, and ‘large files’. The last of those can be se­lected in­di­vid­u­ally, but ev­ery­thing else is all-or-noth­ing dele­tion. On se­lect­ing the seg­ments, you click the but­ton again to free up the space.

Disk App cer­tainly has speed and us­abil­ity go­ing for it, and it’s cheap. How­ever, we also found it buggy – some­times the pie sec­tions fail to ma­te­ri­alise – and it’s too easy to send all downloads to the trash. The lack of gran­u­lar­ity and the app’s in­abil­ity to work out­side of your Home folder also make it look a lit­tle too sim­plis­tic com­pared to the ugly but free and ro­bust GrandPer­spec­tive, or MacFor­mat favourite DaisyDisk. Craig Gran­nell

A bit too sim­ple (and maybe, for­get­table). Fine, for oc­ca­sion­ally weed­ing out huge doc­u­ments.

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