Mikey Boots

Th­ese boots are made for flyin’

Mac Format - - RATED - £1.49 De­vel­oper BeaverTap Games, beaver­tapgames.com Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.1 Age 4+

Imag­ine Jet­pack Joyride in lev­els in­stead of an end­less cor­ri­dor, and you’re close to Mikey Boots. Mikey flies us­ing his jet boots – press the right side of the screen and he flies up and to the right; press the left he flies up and to the left. Let go and Mikey falls in the di­rec­tion he was last fac­ing. Sim­ple! Well, ex­cept for all the nar­row, spike-lined gaps you have to fly through and haz­ards you need to avoid.

It’s es­sen­tially a time trial game, task­ing you with get­ting through its maze-like lev­els in the fastest time pos­si­ble to earn stars – though just get­ting through them in one piece can be tough in later lev­els. Things get bril­liantly fran­tic, though, with dar­ing turns, nar­row misses and sat­is­fac­tion in vic­tory thanks to hard but fair level de­sign. It can be frus­trat­ing in its hard­est lev­els (and a lit­tle easy at the start), but it’s great short-burst twitch gaming. Matt Bolton

Fun fly­ing ac­tion with some great twist­ing lev­els. There are rather stern chal­lenges at the end, too.

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