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I have two Mac Pros (the tower case kind). One is get­ting rather old and will soon be re­placed, but the hard disks in it are quite large (500GB and 1TB) and I am think­ing of fit­ting them in the other, which has its own 1TB drive. What is the best way to set th­ese up? Keith Morten Are you ac­tu­ally short of disk space, or just giv­ing the old drives a good home? If it’s the lat­ter, I would coun­sel against it. This just cre­ates more points of fail­ure and makes your backup strat­egy more com­pli­cated. The sim­plest sys­tem is to have one drive for ev­ery­thing and another drive of at least the same size (ide­ally a bit big­ger) for Time Ma­chine. If you don’t al­ready have a Time Ma­chine drive then I’d use the 1TB drive for this and dump the 500GB. If the Mac Pro you use is al­ready ad­e­quately backed up and you don’t ur­gently need more disk space, then I wouldn’t bother at all.

If you are short of disk space, then you could in­stall the 500GB drive for your data and use the other 1TB disk as its Time Ma­chine backup. This will al­low you to keep lots of back­ups of the data files.

I’d still favour re­plac­ing your ex­ist­ing disk with one large enough to hold both apps and data (and another to back that up) rather than reusing old drives. Hard drives older than five years have a much higher fail­ure rate so it is rarely worth reusing them, un­less your bud­get is very tight.

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