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What is it? Sort of like a re­verse 3D printer, the Car­vey metic­u­lously carves shapes out of the ma­te­rial you place inside it. You can cre­ate your de­signs in the Easel soft­ware that’s de­signed to pair with Car­vey, which then quickly al­lows you to start cut­ting great 3D sculp­tures out of wood, soft met­als such as alu­minium, plas­tics and linoleum, among other ma­te­ri­als. It’s al­ready hit its fund­ing on Kick­s­tarter. When’s it due? Au­tumn 2015. Why are we ex­cited? Un­leash your in­ner Jony Ive! Or, if sourc­ing great clumps of alu­minium to carve is a bit rich for you (it also works with gold, but… yeah, let’s move on), you can do things like carve out the skele­ton of a glider that slots to­gether from a sin­gle flat piece of wood. How about cre­at­ing your own plas­tic or wood board game pieces? You can even etch into the ma­te­ri­als with­out cut­ting all the way through, so you could cre­ate per­son­alised jew­elry. All that said, the ma­chines do start at $2,000 on Kick­s­tarter, so it won’t be a cheap hobby…

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