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iTunes has pro­vided a Re­cently Added smart playlist for years, but iTunes 12 has a fresh take on the idea. When you choose cer­tain com­bi­na­tions of me­dia kind, view and sort or­der at the top of your li­brary, iTunes will dis­play a Re­cently Added group above the con­tent you’ve asked it to dis­play. This makes it easy to find mu­sic bought in the last few months. You can change how far back it looks to one, three, six or 12 months un­der View > Re­cently Added, or it can be turned off if you dis­like it, and it can be hid­den for, say, movies but kept on for mu­sic. iTunes 12 no longer dis­plays the tra­di­tional side­bar in all views – not even as a fall­back op­tion in the View menu. How­ever, some­thing very sim­i­lar ap­pears if you choose Playlists from the views listed in the mid­dle of the nav­i­ga­tion bar. The col­umn browser re­mains avail­able, too, but it’s eas­ily missed. When view­ing your mu­sic, switch the sort or­der (top-right) to Songs. Now you can en­able View > Col­umn Browser > Show Col­umn Browser to re­turn to iTunes’ old­est lay­out. For movies, it’s ac­ces­si­ble when you choose Movie List as the sort or­der, and when you choose Episode List for TV shows. Ap­ple has given iTunes yet another makeover in Yosemite, but for the most part things have pretty much stayed in their right­ful place. How­ever, if you’re look­ing for the but­ton that trans­forms the gi­ant iTunes win­dow into a more man­age­able and un­ob­tru­sive mini­player, you won’t find it in its old spot; in­stead Ap­ple has in­cor­po­rated it into the play­ing win­dow. Just click the al­bum art and you’ll be rock­ing out to tiny tunes. iTunes 12 has a new ed­i­tor for mak­ing ad­just­ments to track meta­data, with a pop-up (at the bot­tom-left) to add more fields. If you pre­fer the old-style, form-like ed­i­tor, in which check­boxes give a clear view of what changes will be ap­plied, hold ç and å, right-click your se­lec­tion and then choose Get Info. If asked to con­firm edit­ing of mul­ti­ple items, keep the keys held un­til after you’ve clicked the Edit Items but­ton.

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