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Thank you for print­ing my let­ter on page 55 of MF280, and for Paul’s re­ply. The prob­lem, how­ever, has not been fixed by the re­cent 8.1 fix from Ap­ple and I know at least four other peo­ple af­fected – all with dif­fer­ent in­ter­net providers and on dif­fer­ent ex­changes – so I can pretty much rule out lo­cal prob­lems.

The is­sue is that my iPad – which was re­placed about 10 months ago by Ap­ple, so we’re talk­ing about a rel­a­tively new one, here – does not al­ways go on­line when I in­put a search us­ing Google. The blue bar comes across for about a quar­ter of the way and then stops, even­tu­ally with a mes­sage say­ing that the server has stopped re­spond­ing. The iPhone 5s and my iMac in the same room are never af­fected. This has only started since I up­dated from iOS 7. To get around it I ei­ther do a com­plete cold re­boot (which takes time) or I go into Set­tings > Wi-Fi and switch off Wi-Fi for about 30 seconds and then back on. This lat­ter usu­ally works – most of the time. I don’t re­ally want to start chang­ing my router set­tings be­cause I don’t want to cre­ate other prob­lems. Have you any ideas what can be done about it? David Simp­son Matt Bolton says: I’ve ac­tu­ally seen this prob­lem my­self oc­ca­sion­ally since we re­ceived your last let­ter, David. It was on my iPhone – I searched for some­thing us­ing the search bar, and it just didn’t load. It was the same as you de­scribed – the blue bar only load­ing to about a quar­ter. For me, it was only with Google searches in the search bar that this oc­curred, though – I got around it by typ­ing in the URL in full, which worked fine, and then search­ing us­ing the box on the site, which also worked. I’ve only had it hap­pen once or twice, but at least this work­around was less ex­treme than hav­ing to turn any­thing off and back on. For those it’s af­fect­ing more of­ten, we have to hope that Ap­ple fixes it soon.

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