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I’ve got sev­eral Ap­ple prod­ucts in­clud­ing a Mac­Book Pro run­ning Mav­er­icks. For some rea­son, when I want to con­nect my MBP to my Ap­ple TV, the sound is okay but there’s no pic­ture in most cases. I don’t have this prob­lem on my iPad, iPhone or even my son’s MBP. Mick Spar­row Are both MacBooks in the same room? Be­cause this is a net­work prob­lem and I think your son is just get­ting much bet­ter Wi-Fi re­cep­tion than you are. You can run Wire­less Di­ag­nos­tics (press å and click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu) and see if it rec­om­mends a dif­fer­ent chan­nel to re­duce in­ter­fer­ence. Switch­ing your router to use 5GHz net­work­ing (also called 802.11n or 802.11ac) will also im­prove re­cep­tion be­cause the 5GHz por­tion of the ra­dio spec­trum is a lot less crowded than the 2.4GHz fre­quency used by the older Wi-Fi stan­dards. The iPad and iPhone ob­vi­ously roam around the house, but they can cope with lower band­width be­cause the screen res­o­lu­tions are usu­ally lower, so there are fewer pix­els for each frame.

Re­gard­less of any im­prove­ments you man­age to make to your home Wi-Fi, it’s also worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with switch­ing from Air­Play to Beamer (beamer-app.com). This seems to of­fer much bet­ter video per­for­mance than Air­Play.

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