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When I draft an email that will go into a smart mail­box, it lists mul­ti­ple drafts from the trash, which is empty. Any ideas? Mike Pringle On an IMAP mail server, your draft emails are stored in the cloud by de­fault, too. As you type, Mail pe­ri­od­i­cally syncs your cur­rent draft to the server. If your smart mail­box rule matches the email as well, it’s pos­si­ble for ghost copies of that draft to get cre­ated. The sim­plest way to get rid of them is to uncheck the op­tion to store draft emails on the server in Mail > Pref­er­ences > Ac­counts > Mail­box Be­hav­iours. The down­side is that you can’t fin­ish writ­ing an email that you started on a dif­fer­ent Mac.

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