Mac Format - - GADGETS - $129 (about £85)

What is it? SnapJet is a por­ta­ble printer for your iPhone that works via scan­ning the screen rather than the slower con­nect­ing up and sync­ing method you’ll be used to. After scan­ning with its OLED dis­play, it prints out a high-res­o­lu­tion colour im­age on In­stax Mini or Po­laroid 300PIF film. SnapJet’s im­age scan­ning and trans­fer sys­tem has a the­o­ret­i­cal res­o­lu­tion limit of 1200 dpi. It uses a mi­crostruc­tured op­ti­cal poly­mer (a bun­dle of mi­cro­scopic op­ti­cal fi­bres fused to­gether) that scans across the screen and trans­fers the im­age to the in­stant film with­out any dis­tor­tion. When’s it due? Should be early 2015. Why are we ex­cited? SnapJet is also open source so the company will re­lease all schemat­ics to the hacker com­mu­nity – win!

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