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We first saw Spot­light ap­pear in OS X 10.4, way back in 2005. Es­sen­tially, it was cre­ated as a sys­tem-wide search – both for file­names and the con­tents of files. Over time, Spot­light’s abil­i­ties have been ex­panded, most no­tably when Quick Look made it pos­si­ble to pre­view files se­lected within Spot­light’s re­sults list.

OS X Yosemite brings some ma­jor changes to Spot­light, in terms of its func­tion­al­ity and also its visual de­sign. In­stead of be­ing a drop­down menu an­chored to the menu bar, Spot­light now opens in the mid­dle of the screen, putting its search re­sults front and cen­tre. Ad­di­tion­ally – and most im­por­tantly – Ap­ple has ex­panded the scope of what you can search for. Spot­light re­mains a place for find­ing con­tent on your Mac, but now it pro­vides the means to search the web, too.

Us­ing the Spot­light Sys­tem Pref­er­ences pane, you can fine-tune Spot­light to your lik­ing. Se­lect the Search Re­sults tab and you’ll see a list of the cat­e­gories Spot­light can find re­sults for. Use the tick­boxes to dis­able or en­able cat­e­gories ac­cord­ing to your pref­er­ences, and drag the cat­e­gories up or down the list to change the or­der in which they ap­pear in search re­sults. Craig Gran­nell

Spot­light is still a place for find­ing con­tent on your Mac, but now on the web, too

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