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Am I miss­ing some­thing with Ap­ple’s new iCloud Drive? I use an iMac and a Mac­Book Air. When I trans­ferred large files on my iMac to iCloud Drive it took up disk space on my Mac­Book Air. Sub­se­quently I trans­ferred ev­ery­thing back to Drop­box. Am I do­ing some­thing wrong? Phil Ash­well Paul Blach­ford says: iCloud Drive con­tin­ues to be a source of prob­lems and con­fu­sion for many; it hasn’t been han­dled well by Ap­ple. Your prob­lem is one that many of us are fac­ing. The way iCloud works is that it will repli­cate lo­cally on another ma­chine any­thing in iCloud Drive that you’ve stored from another ma­chine. Peo­ple as­sume iCloud is a good way to free up disk space on a Mac, but hav­ing ‘moved’ a large amount of data to iCloud Drive, they find that no space has re­ally been saved. Un­for­tu­nately, you’re likely to have a small drive with a Mac­Book Air, so we un­der­stand your frus­tra­tion! Drop­box can se­lec­tively choose files and fold­ers to sync across dif­fer­ent com­put­ers (un­like iCloud Drive that syncs ev­ery­thing held in iCloud). If you want to keep your Mac­Book Air free from ex­tra files, yet still get ac­cess to the data you were try­ing to sync in iCloud, then Drop­box is the bet­ter op­tion. to see any­thing prior to the re­build. I saw all the dates but with­out any files. The rea­son I moved away from Win­dows was be­cause I didn’t want to waste days try­ing to fix things – I want things to ‘just work’ again! Spencer Gro­gan Tom Har­rod says: We share your pain, Spencer, with the poor im­pres­sion of Ap­ple’s QA pro­ce­dures dur­ing the early days of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. That you could up­grade an iOS de­vice to iOS 8 and ren­der your Mac un­able to au­to­mat­i­cally sync your docs with iCloud was es­pe­cially an­noy­ing; we’d rather Ap­ple rolled out iCloud Drive as part of iOS 8.1 to avoid this. With all of the neg­a­tive at­ten­tion that th­ese re­leases gar­nered – even among the main­stream press – we ex­pect Ap­ple will more care­fully man­age the re­lease of its next op­er­at­ing sys­tems.

You aren’t the first per­son we’ve heard of hav­ing trou­ble with pre­vi­ous Time Ma­chine back­ups be­ing un­read­able, but this isn’t some­thing we’ve ex­pe­ri­enced for our­selves. This dis­cus­sion on Ap­ple’s site (dis­cus­sions. ap­ple.com/thread/6601861) sounds like the same prob­lem you’re hav­ing – the re­sponse marked as the so­lu­tion is to browse to the Ap­pli­ca­tions folder be­fore open­ing Time Ma­chine’s in­ter­face, and then to browse to your Home folder from within the star-field in­ter­face. The pre-Yosemite back­ups of your files should then be vis­i­ble to you.

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