Bose Com­pan­ion 2 Se­ries II

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As we’ve dis­cov­ered, Corey is quite the au­dio­phile. Th­ese Bose speak­ers could be re­placed after Christ­mas, though…

4 that ma­te­rial. “My iMac has a 2TB drive on TimeMa­chine,” Corey says. And does he keep any­thing on his 2010 Mac­Book Pro? “I back up the Mac­Book Pro weekly, but I don’t store as much stuff on there.”

So how did Corey be­come an Ap­ple fan? “I got into buy­ing Ap­ple prod­ucts after switch­ing to my first iPhone, which was the iPhone 4. It was my first smart­phone; I was kind of late to the game in that as­pect. I went with the same model that my friend had, and boy, am I glad I did!”

Ob­vi­ously Corey has up­graded his iPhone since then. “I have the iPhone 5 now, but my up­grade is in a few months…” he pauses, “we’ll see! My next Ap­ple pur­chase will be a new iPhone.” So will Corey opt for the big­ger iPhone 6, or the gi­ant 6 Plus? “I’m very pleased with my 5, but I held the iPhone 6 re­cently… wow! I won’t go for the 6 Plus, I know that much – it’s too big!”

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