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My iPad does not al­ways go on­line when I search us­ing Google. The blue bar ex­tends to about a quar­ter of the way and then stops, and even­tu­ally I get a mes­sage say­ing that the server has stopped re­spond­ing. My iPhone 5s and my iMac are never af­fected. This has only started since I up­dated from iOS 7. Do­ing a com­plete cold re­boot or switch­ing off Wi-Fi for about 30 seconds and then back on usu­ally fixes it, but not al­ways. David Simp­son If the progress bar stalls that early, it’s prob­a­bly be­cause of a DNS prob­lem. DNS stands for Do­main Name Sys­tem and it is the process that con­verts do­main names like www.ap­ple. com into the nu­meric IP ad­dresses that in­ter­net routers ac­tu­ally use. DNS is han­dled by servers on the in­ter­net and by de­fault you’ll be con­nect­ing to the DNS server at your ISP, be­cause that’s what your broad­band router is con­fig­ured to do.

I also en­coun­tered this prob­lem in iOS 8 and, as an ex­per­i­ment, I have changed my router to use the OpenDNS servers in­stead. Th­ese are at and It’s still too soon to say for cer­tain whether this has def­i­nitely fixed the prob­lem, but so far it’s look­ing promis­ing.

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