An­gel­bird SSD2go pocket 512GB

Billed as the fastest por­ta­ble solid-state drive with TRIM support for Macs

Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - Man­u­fac­turer An­gel­bird, an­gel­ Ports 1x USB 3.0 Di­men­sions 89x69.9x10.4mm Weight 90g Size Avail­able in 128GB and 256GB ca­pac­i­ties Beau­ti­ful, rugged de­sign

Aus­trian out­fit An­gel­bird builds, tests and in­spect its hard­ware by hand – and it shows. The pocket may not be as small or as light as some SSDs, but its an­odised alu­minium en­clo­sure feels as if it could take a whack or two. It also plumps for a full-size USB 3.0 port as its solo con­nec­tor.

An­gel­bird’s main claim to fame is its drives’ out-of-the-box Mac TRIM support (TRIM min­imises the per­for­mance degra­da­tion over time of SSDs by op­ti­mis­ing a drive’s garbage col­lec­tion process) – a sys­tem-level com­mand only of­fi­cially sup­ported by Ap­ple­branded SSDs.

Yet the pocket’s per­for­mance fully sup­ports this claim. Our se­quen­tial read speeds peaked at 440.1MB/sec and writes hit 385.4MB/sec, while av­er­ages for both hit 439.9MB/sec and 379.3MB/ sec re­spec­tively. Even in the sub­megabyte ran­dom trans­fer tests, the drive av­er­aged 144.7MB/sec reads and 208.4MB/sec writes.

Those num­bers are as fast as any­thing we’ve seen over USB – even Tran­scend’s ESD400 has a tough time keep­ing up ( MF276). The lat­ter how­ever is £100 cheaper, prov­ing that in the realm of SSDs, first place still comes at a pre­mium. Tim Hard­wick

Ridicu­lously fast and ex­cep­tion­ally de­signed, the SSD2go pocket more than makes up for its price tag.

The blis­ter­ingly fast SSD2go pocket is avail­able in a range of cool colours.

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