Penclic Mouse

Mac Format - - APPLE WORLD - £50

What is it? The Penclic Mouse looks, feels and moves like a pen. The smooth pen-grip pro­vides a cur­sor ex­pe­ri­ence more like a sty­lus. Penclic Mouse is also sup­posed to of­fer in­creased re­spon­sive­ness by pre­dict­ing where you will move the cur­sor! It also aims to counter prob­lems like RSI. It does this by al­low­ing your fore­arm to rest on the desk while the fin­gers use the scroll­wheel and five but­tons. When’s it due? You can get one now. Why are we ex­cited? It’s im­por­tant to get that work­ing po­si­tion just right and the Penclic’s five but­ton sym­met­ri­cal de­sign is suit­able for left and right users.

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