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own­load emails from your Gmail ac­count by first point­ing your browser at google. com/set­tings/take­out and log­ging in with the rel­e­vant Gmail ac­count (this also works if you’re man­ag­ing your email us­ing a per­sonal do­main hosted on Google servers us­ing its Apps ser­vice). Se­lect the data types you want to down­load (if you just want to down­load your email, click ‘Se­lect none’ and then click the switch be­side Mail. Click Next and se­lect a for­mat and whether you want to be emailed a link to the ar­chive or have it saved to Google Drive. Com­pil­ing a mail data­base can take from sev­eral hours to sev­eral days, de­pend­ing on how many mes­sages it con­tains. You’ll be no­ti­fied when it’s ready.

Ya­hoo Mail, Out­ and Hot­mail users can’t down­load mes­sages di­rectly this way, but there is a work­around you can per­form us­ing OS X’s na­tive Mail ap­pli­ca­tion. The trick is to first down­load the mes­sages in the usual way and then ar­chive them man­u­ally. Fire up Mail and pick Add Ac­count from the Mail menu. Se­lect ‘Other’ from the ac­count type op­tions and en­ter your ad­dress and pass­word. Mail will au­to­mat­i­cally de­tect the rest of the set­tings, after which you can al­low it to down­load the com­plete ar­chive of your mail from the server.

You can now copy the email mes­sages to a se­cure folder on your Mac by se­lect­ing and drag­ging them out of the mes­sage list pane of the Mail app.

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