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The video man­ager dis­plays a list of your up­loads, with thumb­nails rep­re­sent­ing each video, and an Edit but­ton be­side them giv­ing ac­cess to more ex­ten­sive con­trols. Click the down-point­ing ar­row on the end of the Edit but­ton to ac­cess the down­load op­tions and pick ‘Down­load MP4’ from the menu that ap­pears to down­load a backup copy to your Mac.

You can down­load each video up to five times a day, but to stop the ser­vice get­ting clogged up, you’re limited to down­load­ing two an hour. Be aware, though, if you‘ve added one of YouTube’s pre-ap­proved audio tracks since up­load­ing it, you won’t be able to down­load it at all.

Vimeo also al­lows all of its users – even those on free ac­counts – to down­load MP4 ver­sions of their videos. To do this, log into your Vimeo ac­count and then visit the main page of the movie in ques­tion (the page on which the gen­eral pub­lic views it, rather than its en­try in your Vimeo dash­board). You’ll find a Down­load link, be­low the play­back win­dow.

Pay­ing to up­grade to a Vimeo Plus or Pro ac­count al­lows you to ac­cess the orig­i­nal un­com­pressed up­load, which will be more suited to edit­ing if you later need to re-cut it.

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