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Mac Format - - SAVE YOUR FILES -

ith Ever­note your notes are au­to­mat­i­cally down­loaded to the lo­cal client. So long as you keep this up to date, you can use it to ex­port notes in HTML or XML by nav­i­gat­ing to the note you want to ex­port, right-click­ing it (or ≈- click­ing), se­lect­ing Ex­port Note and choos­ing your for­mat (HTML if you want to be able to read the note your­self; XML if you just want a ma­chine-read­able backup).

Mi­crosoft OneNote

It’s more com­pli­cated if you use Mi­crosoft OneNote. Win­dows users can back up their note­books from the File menu; it’s not pos­si­ble on OS X. The sim­plest so­lu­tion is to ex­port your OneNote notes as PDFs by pick­ing ‘Save as PDF’ from the File menu.

If you do still want to grab a copy of the orig­i­nal data, it’s cached on your Mac as it passes from the server to OneNote, at ~/li­brary/ Con­tain­ers/com.mi­crosoft.onenote. mac/Data/Li­brary/Ap­pli­ca­tion Support/Mi­crosoft User Data/ OneNote/15.0/ OneNoteOf­flineCache_Files/ (~ de­notes your user folder).

The files are hid­den, so if you haven’t set OS X to show hid­den files, launch Ter­mi­nal (in Util­i­ties) and en­ter ’de­faults write com.ap­ple.finder Ap­pleShowAl­lFiles YES’ (with­out quotes), hit ® , right-click the Finder on the Dock and hit ‘Re­fresh’.

Ever­note ex­ports HTML an XML ver­sions of your notes by right-click­ing them.

The sim­plest way to cre­ate a backup of your OneNote doc­u­ments is to ex­port them as PDFs.

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