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Work­ing on a doc­u­ment with some­one else can help you get things done faster and can play to your re­spec­tive strengths. One of you might be good at, say, graphs, and the other strong at writ­ing head­lines.

How­ever, shar­ing doc­u­ments can be con­fus­ing if you don’t know which ver­sion is the most re­cent or which changes have been ap­plied to which copy of the doc­u­ment. Thank­fully, there are tools to keep track of changes built into both Mi­crosoft Word and Pages. In the for­mer you can turn on Track Changes in the Re­view pane, while Pages of­fers an equiv­a­lent set­ting as soon as you start typ­ing text.

Col­lab­o­ra­tive work­ing us­ing Pages is easy – it’s man­aged by iCloud. Pages is part of iWork (free with all new Macs), which was up­dated this year to in­clude use­ful web-based tools. This means you can use iCloud to store and ac­cess your shared doc­u­ments – you don’t need to send them to your col­lab­o­ra­tors di­rectly, but you can store them on­line so you’ll al­ways have the most re­cent ver­sion. So if one per­son cre­ates a doc­u­ment and the other adds images to it, the lat­est ver­sion will au­to­mat­i­cally be avail­able to you both at You can even store and share doc­u­ments that you’ve cre­ated through iCloud; just open the doc­u­ment and click Share > Move to iCloud. Doc­u­ments stored in iCloud can be shared, but are no longer stored on your Mac, so con­sider mak­ing a backup of the orig­i­nal. Rosie Hat­ter­s­ley

Pages in iCloud of­fers pow­er­ful doc­u­ment edit­ing and shar­ing tools, in­clud­ing ver­sion track­ing.

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