How to add ad­vanced op­tions

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Inklewriter also in­cludes some more ad­vanced tools than those we’ve cov­ered so far. There are mark­ers that let you save in­for­ma­tion about past choices. Say you ask the player to choose a gen­der, but only use that in­for­ma­tion a few times in the story, it would be fid­dly and cum­ber­some to build mul­ti­ple ver­sions of all the text after that choice, so in­stead you can set a marker for ‘fe­male gen­der’.

Coun­ters work in much the same way as mark­ers, but in­stead they save num­ber val­ues. This will hand­ily let you track how many times the player has done some­thing, such as how many gold coins they’ve found while ex­plor­ing through­out the story, or how many times they’ve in­sulted the count­ess…

There are also con­di­tion­als, which let you use the in­for­ma­tion you’ve saved. You can set the text pas­sages and player op­tions to ap­pear only if the player has seen the cor­rect mark­ers or reached the right counter val­ues.

To learn more about how to use th­ese op­tions in your story, sim­ply se­lect the tu­to­rial tab in inklewriter’s up­per left menu, then se­lect ‘I just want to choose a tu­to­rial’. You can then click on ‘Choose a tu­to­rial’, fol­lowed by ‘Tell me about mark­ers…’.

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