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We got Au­toma­tor to batch-process a group of pho­tos and out­put the copies to the desk­top. We used a va­ri­ety of ac­tions in­clud­ing a prompt to se­lect which pho­tos to process, an im­age re­size and a change of for­mat. Adding the suf­fix ‘800’ to the file­names of pho­tos we ran through Au­toma­tor’s Im­age Re­sizer meant we were able to iden­tify which pho­tos had been worked on, with­out hav­ing to click on each one to check its file size. If you use the Folder Ac­tions watch folder in­stead of ini­ti­at­ing pho­to­pro­cess­ing on de­mand, you can spec­ify an out­put folder, too.

Be­cause it’s so easy to use, you’ll find other tasks you can au­to­mate on your Mac. For all but the sim­plest work­flows, we rec­om­mend run­ning the script as you add el­e­ments to the work­flow list. It also makes sense to use dummy files for your test.

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