FaceTime calls are also silent!

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When the up­date ar­rived that en­abled Macs to make and re­ceive calls us­ing an iPhone, prob­lems arose for me. I could hear other peo­ple, but they couldn’t hear me. I tweaked the mi­cro­phone set­tings, re­set the FaceTime set­tings and phoned Ap­ple to re­solve the is­sue, but noth­ing’s changed. This could have been a good hands-free so­lu­tion. Dave Leaf Other peo­ple can’t hear you at all? Or other peo­ple can faintly hear you but can’t make out any­thing you are say­ing? I’ve had a few of re­ports of the lat­ter, par­tic­u­larly from those with MacBooks as desk­top re­place­ments. The nor­mal po­si­tion­ing of a lap­top for use on a desk doesn’t put the mi­cro­phone near enough for you to be heard over nor­mal back­ground noise; us­ing it on your lap helps, but the best so­lu­tion is an ex­ter­nal head­set. Un­for­tu­nately, Yosemite ap­pears to have stopped work­ing with some ex­ter­nal mics for FaceTime and Hand­off. Try typ­ing sudo kil­lall core­au­diod into Ter­mi­nal. De­pend­ing on your mic this might work for both, just for FaceTime, or not at all.

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